LUX Nation:  Help Plant 100,000 Trees with Odwalla & US State Parks

The nutritional juice company with a conscious, Odwalla, is once again extending their focus on helping the planet with their Plant-a-Tree Program. Odwalla knows trees are essential to the health of our planet and as a way to replenish the trees that are damaged, diseased or cut down every year; Odwalla is offering to help us give back in a big way!!!

Launched last year, the “Plant-a-Tree program” helped to plant close to 60,000 trees throughout the United States and plans to beat that with your help!! That’s right, Odwalla has offered to donate up to $100,000 dollars to plant trees in a select number of State Parks, which include: California, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, Ohio, Texas, Maryland, Michigan or Virginia.

Here is how the 2009 program works. You visit the “Plant My Tree” website and select the state you would like to plant your tree in. Once you have selected the state, then you push the ‘plant my tree’ button and with every click Odwalla will donate a $1.00 to that State Park to plant a tree on your behalf. You can visit back to see how your state is doing compared to the rest, since it has a ‘total trees’ page that helps to track our progress!!

Now the type of tree will be dependent on an area’s region and climate—only specific trees will be picked to fit within the planting area. Odwalla estimates tree costs to range from $.25 to $1.20 depending on the tree type. This means with your assistance, the company could surpass their 60,000 tree count from last year!!
LUXies, this program just launched May 27th, and already close to 8,000 trees have been planted. Remember, only one click per person is allowed, although you are able to also forward this announcement to your friends. Every click counts for your state and our nation!! This program runs through December 31, 2009, so be sure to visit the site today and plant your tree!!


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