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It'll be hard to stay under the radar with these red-hot stingray accessories. Named after the shark-like animal that lurks below the sand, you'll only have to make a skin-deep dive to rock these looks. However, who knows how long this trendy accessories will stay on shelves? Grab fast, you might just get stung by jealous shoppers!

1. Makaha Stingray Wrap Bracelet by Dannijo
Available in almost every color of the rainbow, this belted bracelet is the perfect pop of color. The stingray is glazed to a glossy sheen, so that although your trendy cuff is subtle, it'll definitely turn some heads.

2. Stingray Hoops by Alkemie
Inspired by the animal that lives hundreds of leagues under the sea, don't worry about rocking animal skin in stingray-inspired jewelry. The gold metallic discs are pressed into the print and have a cool cutout that make them totally original.

3. Ava Stingray Clutch by Lauren Merkin
This Ava bag is also totally sea-friend friendly. Although it is 100% leather, no stingrays were involved in the making but instead served as the muse for the embossed bag. The pink and multicolor trim make it the perfect addition to every summer ensemble.

4. Natalie Stingray Strap Watch by Badgley Mischka
This sophisticated timepiece is trendy and timeless at the same time. Although it incorporates the leather trend, you also can't help but notice the dazzling crystals that line the oval face.

5. Jade T-Strap Sandal by Elizabeth and James
Black, glossy stones top this beautiful rocker-glam t-strip by E&J. Known for their trendsetting pieces, many inspired by the dynamic Olsen twin duo, these heels are another addition to their growing collection of must-have items.

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