LUX-TECH: New ‘Priceless Picks’ iPhone App Offered by MasterCard

Calling all LUX iPhone-thusiats!! MasterCard has just launched a new and interactive app that plays off their infamous ‘Priceless’ tagline. At first glance, we weren’t sure how useful of a download this would be, but it turns out to be much more LUX then expected!

The ‘Priceless Picks’ app is made as a social platform for consumers, such as yourself, to share those FANTASTIC deals with your fellow iPhone users as well as discover amazing local places to find the tastiest Caribbean food or café with the best turbo charged vanilla latte!! Think of it like a platform similar to Yelp. How totally LUX is this?! Technology, cutting through the clutter, and community interaction—Priceless!

By using the iPhone location services capability, it automatically figures out where you are and then populates a map showing all of the ‘priceless’ spots nearest you!! There are two ways you can see these populate, the ‘street-view’ or the ‘bird’s eye view’ of all the best picks.

Simply by clicking on the “+” button you can add your own FAB find. The pop-up bubbles also alert you if the deal expires and also allows you to send it to a friend! The best part LUX Nation is that this app is FREE, living up to its name ‘price-less picks’!!

So what do you think?? Is this something you just might utilize to share your priceless finds?? And if you’ve already reviewed this nifty little tech tool, let us know your thought.


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