LUX Tech:  Virtual World to Spark Creative Genius for Children by Shidonni

A key to developing brains is to actively spark imagination and creativity! With this new innovative site, Shidonni, children can now tap into their own creative genius in a virtual world! What could be more LUX, right?

When they arrive at this online destination children will be given a ‘blank canvas.’ With this ‘blank canvas’ they’re able to tap into their inner artist by creating an animal and a background to match that animal. What even makes this more LUX is that the animal comes to life once the drawing is completed. Then, the child will be able to feed and bathe his/her creation.

“Shidonni is a breath of fresh air in games for young children. The intrinsic reward that comes from creating something from nothing with one’s own hands and sharing it with others is timeless and priceless. In a time when kids are surrounded by the lures of material acquisition, competition, and rating and ranking themselves and others to achieve popularity, the makers of Shidonni bring the simple concept of creative illustration to life online. Bravo!” – Linda Young, Ph.D., Counseling Psychologist and family cyber-safety expert

Taking this one step further, they can then create their own books and incorporate the animal into their storylines. The child has now become both an artist and an author and has channeled creative energy in such a positive way!

Shidonni is focused on empowering kids to promote their own ‘imagination, creativity and computer skills.’ The goal is to not use traditional means of money and goods as rewards. They actually support the continued learning and artistic process by extending the children with more special effects, music and design features! This is definitely not the typical innovative technique, but it’s a refreshing approach to promoting creativity!

So LUXies, what do you think? Is this something you would like to actively support and tell others about?

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