LUX-Travel: Eat, drink and be Merry in the Sicilian Countryside

LUX-travelers, are you looking for an adventure that will tempt your palette and sharpen your cooking skills? Well, how about doing that while experiencing the gorgeous Sicilian countryside this fall?!

You have two-LUX options that have been especially tailored for the LUX-traveler wanting to indulge. Former food editor at Country Living and Real Simple magazines, Cynthia Nicolson, of now The Farmhouse Table, has coordinated both Sicily trips. Offering you the taste of the land to awaken your senses!!

The first 10-day tour centers on the culinary and cultural aspect and runs September 26 through October 5. From a 3-day stay at the Baglio Fontana, located in Buseto Palizzolo, where you will be able to pamper yourself with the royal spa treatment as well as share in the ‘fruits of the land.’ That’s right, this plantation produces its own olive oil, honey, wine, organic fruits and vegetables. Making for gourmet cuisines and luscious day treatments!! Couple this with action-packed day trips and what more can you ask for, considering this is only the first half of your trip!! At the end, you’ll find yourself at the hidden village of Ficuzza, where the aroma is simply intoxicating with fresh cooked bread and homemade salami! For the full itinerary, visit The Farmhouse Table.

Last, you have an adventure that calls out to your ‘sophisticated’ palette and wine-enthusiast! This 11 day tour starts on October 11 and runs through October 22. Starts at a historic farmhouse established in 1815, in the town of Tenuta Scilio Di Valle Galfina. You’ll relax into this peaceful estate where you’ll enjoy afternoon cooking classes, behind the scenes winemaking and an exploration of Mt. Etna. At the end of your trip, you’ll settle in at the Agriturismo Mandramova farm. This estate offers the chance to get in tune with nature and explore traditional Sicilian cuisine. You will also have the opportunity to explore ‘The Valley of the Temples,’ one of the most important archeological sites in the world!

Both trips offer you an exploration of a lifetime. Nicolson has planned these two affairs by leveraging her contacts and her knowledge of food. Expect to be indulged through culture, high-end gourmets and delicious wines.

To learn more, visit The Farmhouse Table.

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