LUX Travel Etiquette to Address New Wi-Fi Capabilities

Great news LUX Travelers! With the advancement of technology, flying has just become a bit more LUX! You can now add expected Wi-Fi capabilities to your North American travel routine. Although, this is not without some adjustments to our rhythm of travel!

“This is the year” for Wi-Fi on planes, said Jack Blumenstein, president and CEO of Aircell, whose Gogo® Inflight Internet service provides access on Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, AirTran and Virgin America flights, and will begin testing on United flights later this year. Gogo is installed on more than 200 commercial planes, and Blumenstein said he expected 1,200 aircraft to have Gogo capability by the end of 2009. -CNN

However, take note LUXies. As blissful as all this wireless ease may be, please take care and follow some proper and thoughtful guidelines for polite seatmate etiquette. This will ensure everyone is happy and your potential ‘sensitive’ documents are safe!

1.Reduce the brightness of your screen. When the cabin is dim and you choose to watch television or movies via your handy laptop, be a good neighbor and turn the wattage down. This is out of respect for your fellow traveler who just might want to catch some zzz’s, while you crank out that last minute project. By being respectful and reducing the glow of your screen, it provides a more conducive opportunity for you both. Always a good thing, when you take karma into consideration. wink

2. Keep your documents safe. Although, the airplane can sometimes be the ideal place to be productive it definitely can lend itself to some ‘prying eyes.’ So, do take caution when doing any confidential work in this ‘public’ space. Think of those that are ‘looky-loos’ when they pass an accident—they don’t mean to look, they just can’t help it! Take proactive measures if your work is sensitive and confidential by utilizing a ‘privacy screen.’ This is something that provides you with some added security and reducing the amount of unwanted eyeballs!!

3. Share the outlet. With many planes now becoming Wi-Fi accessible, and our trusty laptops being battery suckers, the truly unfortunate situation is the lack of not having many electrical outlets installed on planes. Be a good neighbor and mind your manners. Be sure to share the power supply with your seatmates and try not to dominate all the ‘plug in’ time!! wink

4. Turn the volume down. When interacting with online content, always, always, wear your headphones and please make sure the passengers next to you cannot follow along with what you are enjoying. You may be into the latest episode of Hung, however, the mother of two next to you may not.

6. Be respectful and keep it to yourself. It’s also important to know your own boundaries and respect your fellow traveler. It's never okay to comment on what they happen to be working on or watching. Try to do your best to respect their privacy just as you would like done to you.

So LUX Nation, what do you think?? Is there something that you have considered needs to be added to this updated ‘etiquette’ list??

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