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October has been considered the best month of the year to travel based on the lesser amount of people traveling and of course, the beyond beautiful weather. The leaves are golden, temperatures are noticeably cooler, the skies are blue and the earth’s seasons seem to align. New Orleans, Buenos Aires, Athens, Istanbul and Barcelona are five destinations where the climate will be pleasant throughout the entire month.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is one of the best American cities to visit during October because of the considerably cooler temperatures and comfortable weather. October is also the city’s driest month of the year, so traveling will not be stalled by rainy skies. Guests can enjoy strolling down the famous Bourbon Street, through the French Quarter and enjoy other activities of this striking city like river cruises, jazz and music festivals and Cajun food cook-offs. Right before Halloween, New Orleans holds their well-known Voodoo Experience music festival featuring famous singers and rappers for the locals and travelers to enjoy for the spooky holiday.

October average high: 80 degrees F
October average low: 60 degrees F

Buenos Aires, Argentina

For Buenos Aires, the spring season begins in October. This long duration of pleasant weather only adds to the beauty of this South American destination. The great weather makes it easier for travelers to tour the city and visit the numerous museums, monuments, restaurants and especially clubs and tango parlors at night. The city’s emphasis on literature and the arts makes it reminiscent of Europe and a very special place to visit this month.

October average high: 73 degrees F
October average low: 55 degrees F

Athens, Greece

As the single best month of the year to visit Athens, October is a special time for the city. Temperatures are pleasing all throughout the day and night and the large summer crowds are gone. As one of the most popular and populous European cities, the booming metropolis is a great location to learn about history, civilization, culture, architecture and mythology all at once. Travelers will be amazed by all of the Greco-Roman and Neo-Classical buildings dating back to ancient Athens. In addition to the glorious views from of the Acropolis, guests can indulge in beautiful beaches, restaurants and shopping all the way out until they reach the dazzling coastline.

October average high: 74 degrees F
October average low: 56 degrees F

Istanbul, Turkey

When travelers visit Istanbul, they will discover the old country-meets-new country feel. The weather can get cooler toward the end of the month but in all, October is the best month to go based on the nice temperatures during the day continuing on into night. Summer crowds have lessened and hotel prices have dropped after the summer peaks. When guests tour the beautiful Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and the Bosphorous, they will be grateful for the lovely weather.

October average high: 68 degrees F
October average low: 54 degrees F

Barcelona, Spain

Although Barcelona has an excellent climate year-round, the cooler October weather will add to guests’ experience even more when traveling on foot. They can begin their outdoor adventures at La Rambla, a series of short streets that run from the Placa de Catalunya to the harbor, and continue touring the city to feast their eyes on beautiful places like the grand opera house, the San Sebastian Tower, the Picasso Museum and the Barcelona Aquarium.

October average high: 71 degrees F
October average low: 55 degrees F

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