LUX Update: Donna Karan and Urban Zen

Donna Karan never ceases to amaze us with her continued dedication to and passion for affecting change and making a difference. She began the Urban Zen Foundation with the intention of bringing like-minded individuals together to create a community dedicated to positively impacting the world, and the project has literally exploded. In addition to their aforementioned efforts to addressing the importance of integrative medicine and well-being, combining western medicine practices with eastern philosophies in cancer patient treatment, the foundation focuses on key issues such as empowering children and the preservation and celebration of culture.

To bring the foundation to life, Donna Karan opened Urban Zen in NYC, a physical place to find calmness amongst all the chaos (which we all know New Yorkers need). The center hosts numerous events and workshops to raise awareness and increase education in areas directly related to their three main areas of focus. The lower level is dedicated to selling all kinds of culturally rich and diverse goodies, including clothing designed by Karan herself. Of course the shop combines commerce with philanthropy as all proceeds go directly back into the organization to keep the momentum going.

Realizing the power of spoken word, the center recently called on well-known and respected doctors, nutritionists and healthcare professions to host a series of lectures directly related to nutrition. The speaker series covered a range of aspects in order to convey the impact food has on our physical health and well being. While we are awaiting a full recap of the event (expect this article just as soon as we have the info!!), the workshop provided insight into tackling physical health issues such as diabetes, insomnia, depression and ADD with dietary alterations and a positive mind set. Check out the Huffington Post for a brief interview with Karan about the lecture series.

While DK has started by tackling the education and medical system of her beloved NYC, her dream is to take the Urban Zen Foundation globally and franchise the concept. It is only a matter of time before we all have physical access to the Urban Zen, yet another gift she has given the world. Donna Karan continues to be a true inspiration to us all and instill hope and belief in positive transformation working towards a future filled with peace, love and acceptance.

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