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LUXE city guides is known for their sassy, to-the-point, handy guidebooks. Whether you're traveling to Barcelona or Bangkok, LUXE will tell you where to go, what to see, and where to stay—all with a touch of luxury. Last summer, LUXE told LadyLux that they were taking the leap into the virtual realm with online versions of their fabulous travel friendly guides. Now we have even bigger news: LUXE is going mobile. Don't fret about losing your killer cover. Their mobile app is equally brilliant with their signature colorful graphics for each city.

Why lug around a huge book thats only going to lead you to over-priced tourist traps and commercial chains? LUXE guides are known for giving you all the LUXE info with less bulk. Now, it's even better. If you lose your guide (only $9.99), you can always grab your Blackberry to check and make sure you're not late to your 5-star hotel or private dinner for two. The app allows you to download multiple cities to your mobile phone after a 1-year subscription. What do you do after 12 months is up? Add an additional year for half price!

Don't want to be out-of-date? This new mobile app will make LUXE's refreshing updates, even quicker. Although they pride themselves on publishing new guides each year AND putting monthly updates online, your cell phone will now combine the two for the most up-to-the-minute information. Don't know where to shop in Barcelona? Want to zipline in Costa Rica? Just have your cell on you and LUXE will have all your travel bases covered. That sounds LUXE to me.

For more information or to purchase guides, check out their web site at

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Purple Neon/ LadyLux

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