Luxury book selling for more than $12k

The Luxury Brands Collection announced today that they will produce a book, the pages filled with content on luxury names, that will sell in the range of $6,340 to $12,680. What makes it so pricey? Well, it could be the gold encrusted and diamond-covered covers, or the fact that each book is handmade, with the owner's initial front and center.

“Five hundred High Net Worth individuals were interviewed to identify which brands they would purchase in 2010-11,” said a statement released by the company. Who are these individuals? The Luxury Brands Collection didn't care to divulge their content but apparently these interviews take up the majority of the book. The tastemakers of the world, from Paris to New York, inform the public in this pricey piece of literature on what to buy for the 2011 year.

Luxury names such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, De Beers, Holland & Holland, Porshe and Bentley will reveal their latest collections to this select group of readers. Instead of waiting for the next issue of Vogue or running to Japan for the latest trends, the book gives a select few the chance to see what's coming before everyone else.

The first edition launches fall of 2010 and a second edition will debut in April or 2011. Every year there will be two editions for fall/winter and spring/summer.

“The books enable premier companies to showcase their latest collections, while discerning consumers can discover the season’s most fabulous products before anyone else, so they can lead the trends rather than following the crowd,” said the founder, Sir Charley Baouamina.

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