Luxury hotel offers Brigitte Bardot exhibit

Brigitte Bardot is a legend, and what better way to recognize this than a photo exhibit? Starting Feb. 21, Sofitel Luxury Hotels will launch a traveling photo showcase titled “BB Forever - Brigitte Bardot, The Legend.”

Cycling through the hotel chain’s Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC and New York locations, the exhibit pays homage to the well-known actress and model through 30 exclusive photographs.

Featuring a range of never-before-seen images, the exhibit is the first in North America to chronicle Bardot. Curated by French writer and author Henry-Jean Servat, the collection follows Bardot through her life, from aspiring teen to full-fledged celebrity.

Viewers can experience the many facets of the icon: her looks, carefree attitude, status as a sex symbol and role in women’s liberation. Bardot will also be celebrated through a special happening at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.

“The actress represents elegance as well as the French culture that Sofitel holds so dear. Sofitel has always strived to promote French heritage through events related to art, gastronomy, literature and music,” Sofitel said in a statement to LadyLUX.

Visitors can walk away with a special collector’s edition catalog that features rate photos and content and stories from Henry-Jean Servat and even Bardot herself.

A French contemporary hotel with locations on five continents and 40 countries, Sofitel provides luxury mixed with quality for the discerning consumer.

Check out the exhibit at Los Angeles from Feb. 21 to March 26, Chicago from April 19 to June 7, Washington DC from June 12 to Sept. 13 and New York from Sept. 26 to Dec. 31. The show is open to the general public as well as hotel guests.

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LadyLUX via Sofitel

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