Magical Machine Turns Office Waste into Toilet Paper

What if there was a machine that instead of ‘shredding’ our in office paper waste, it made toilet paper?? Well kids, hold on to your seats because there is! Now make sure to email this post to accounting—just think of what this kind of technology is going to do for hard good cost reduction and the environmental benefits worldwide! Ah, this is so LUX-ified! Question…I wonder if they’ve figured out a way to make it soft?

Tokyo-based company, Nakabayahsi, has created a 1,300 lbs machine that literally turns paper garbage into toilet paper right in the office. Nakabayashi is a leading manufacture of a variety of products and services in Japan.

The toilet paper machine is able to produce two rolls per hour from around 1,800 sheets (or 7.2kg) of used A4-sized paper, which would have usually been just thrown away. At 600kg, it seems to be a dangerously massive piece of hardware. –

It seems these ‘toilet paper making machines’ will be available in August and the goal is to sell 60 units the first year of distribution. Now that might be a challenge, considering each one costs about $95,000 and for the amount of paper needed to create two rolls of toilet paper it could be a long time to recoup the investment in the machine. It just might be a tough sale!!

There were no clear details of the operating costs to run this machine or what the amount of paper thrown away each year by the target corporations. Yes, we do see the value of having onsite recycling and repurposing. However, it is yet to be seen if this machine can be worth the pay off in the end.

LUX Nation, what are your thoughts with this machine? Would you be one to purchase one???

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