Marcia Patmos and Manolo Blahnik release environmentally friendly shoes

Discarded tilapia skins, cork and raffia may not seem an equation for fashion heaven. But Marcia Patmos and Manolo Blahnik have partnered on a new collection of Spring footwear that manages to be chic while using these eco-friendly materials, reported WWD.

Being green is new territory for the Spanish designer, who has, with Patmos, crafted two new sustainable styles: two-strap, open-toe flats and strappy, high-heeled sandals. Available in bright blue, black, nude and yellow, both pieces will be sold for $895 at Manolo Blahnik stores.

“I am always researching sustainable materials and developments. I love the idea of tilapia skin because it is a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise be discarded, but it’s actually a beautiful material perfect for small leather goods,” Patmos said to WWD regarding using the materials. “I love bringing the idea of sustainability into the luxury market — it doesn’t have to be limited to T-shirts and grocery bags.”

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LadyLUX via WWD

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