Marvelous Martin Margiela Gets His Due on 1stDibs

When pieces from the Eighties and Nineties are called vintage, you know life has come full circle.

And when the bi-coastal temple of vintage fashion, Resurrection, teams up with uber-popular-at-present-website, 1stdibs this month to host an exhibition of one of the cult masters of fashion, Martin Margiela, we will all be in store once again for some “vintage” treats.

Born in Genk, Belgium in April of 1957, Margiela got his training at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where he was deemed the “7th” member of the avant garde fashion circle that became known as the Antwerp Six (Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten being probably the most notable among them). His move to Paris set him on his course; soon he found himself working for Jean Paul Gaultier, and eventually setting up shop on his own.

It’s rumored that the couturier is now said to have exited the top post at the house he created. Regardless, his designs remain wildly popular-historic, really-and will be presented in an exhibit entitled, “Resurrection’s 20 Years of Martin Margiela (1989-2008): The Marcia Berger Collection”. The exhibition will be followed by a sale of some of the best of Margiela’s work.

Clothes horses and vintage-aholics alike will surely pack the halls. 350 Margiela pieces will be shown, all hailing from the private collection of Los Angeles native Marcia Berger, whose estate came the way of Resurrection after her passing, two years ago. Berger had 1,000 pieces of the designers in total.

The collection, and subsequent sale, is comprised of runway pieces as well as collection pieces that are one-of-a-kind—such as the military sock sweater from 1991 and a 2001 vintage kid glove-assembled top. Accessories will also be on show, such as the Tabi split-toe shoes Margiela was so known for, and jewels that were fashioned from soda tabs, belt buckles, and resin. The clothes in Berger’s collection, mind you, never made it on her back: Mark Haddawy and Katy Rodriguez, founders of Resurrection, found the clothes still with tags on, hung upright in their garment bags.

“A lot of those clothes were extremely rare,” reports Haddawy. “It’s hard to imagine there is another collection of Margiela like this in the world.”

The exhibition kicks off mid-month, at a temporary gallery space at One Jackson Square following a February 12 party that will kick off everything in style.

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