May 6: STOMP Auction for Aussie Luxe

Last month, LadyLUX revealed that Australia Luxe, the hip sheepskin boot maker, is on a mission to Stomp out disease, poverty and strife. In partnership with The Sheppard, an LA-based marketing firm, the philanthropic campaign will ask celebrities – such as Kim Kardashian, Cindy Crawford and Goldie Hawn—to sign boots to be auctioned, with the proceeds directly benefiting the charity of their choice.

The auction, which begins May 6, gives big names the chance to spread their word about issues that are close to their heart. What are they “stomping” out? Lauren Conrad of “The Hills” fame will be signing the designer goods on behalf of M.powerment, AVON's nonprofit devoted to educating women on the perils of abusive relationships. As mentioned earlier, Kim Kardashian’s autographed boots will also be going on sale to benefit the Dream Foundation, an NGO that gives adults with life threatening illnesses the ability to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Signed shoes aren’t the only cool things being auctioned for a cause. Bidders can also win “meet and greets” with noted actors, models, and musicians.

For a chance to sign your name to a cause, bid at the Celebrity-Cause auction from May 6 through May 16 at Auction Cause. For more information regarding Australia Luxe and the Stomp campaign, visit their Web site at AustraliaLuxeCo.com.

Photo caption: Kylie Bisutti, a Victoria’s Secret Model, is seen here signing boots for A Chance for Children.

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Australia Luxe

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