Michelle Obama Tops the List for Glamour’s 2009 Women of the Year

Glamour magazine has just released the 2009 Woman of the Year honorees, which includes our very own First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama has been given special recognition due to her role in shedding light on the importance of mentoring our younger generation of women. Her dedication to the future success of these girls has been remarkable. She truly acts as a role model for the up and coming female leaders of tomorrow.

Each of these women who’ve made the list are exquisite in nature and have clearly made unprecedented contributions in a variety of areas such as: business, entertainment, fashion, sports, politics and science.

One of fashion’s most beloved designers has been highlighted, Stella McCartney! This is most definitely an achievement for the fashion industry. McCartney’s nomination shows the influence of fashion in a positive light! Expanding beyond chic style statements and looking good, McCartney has helped pave the way for a more sustainable approach to fashion and using this art form for the betterment of all!

In addition, Dr. Maya Angelou has been awarded the “Lifetime Achievement’ award. She was publicly honored and recognized for her commitment to her work as a civil rights activist, educator, poet and memoirist at the award ceremonies this week!

Other notables on the 2009 list include: Dr. Jane Aronson, Laura Ling & Euna Lee, Marissa Mayer, One Million Signatures Campaign, Amy Poehler, Susan Rice, Rihanna, Maria Shiver and Serena Williams.

To read more about each of these brilliant and powerful women, you can pick up your own copy of the December issue of Glamour Magazine or visit Glamour online. The accomplishments and stories of each will be featured in-depth.


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