LUX-mobiles Get a Major ‘Safety’ Upgrade by Toshiba & Volvo

LUXtopia, as technology advances, so do our vehicles!! Remember those ‘flying’ cars we’ve all been dreaming up for decades? Well, they may just actually be around the corner after all… wink

Maybe these autos are not to the flying stage just yet. However, last month we discussed Toshiba implementing a face recognition capability to help navigate your car without your hands and now we just heard BMW, Mercedes and Volvo are implementing different operating systems that recognize when you have a medical emergency and are unable to drive!!

BMW’s aim was to reduce the risks of senior citizen’s on the road due to health concerns and to find a way to ensure safety for them as well. This was all part of the ‘SmartSenior’ Project which aims at creating ‘intelligent services for senior citizens.’ As a part of this project, BMW has designed an ‘Emergency Stop Assistant’ system utilizing a complex sensor system that monitors your normal driving habits and uses cameras to monitor your pupil dilation, which is a good way to spot on coming stroke, heart attack or any other medical emergency. When the car recognizes that you are in trouble, it switches on the hazard warning lights and carefully maneuvers the car to the side of the road, while simultaneously alerting the proper authorities.

“Our primary aim is to avoid accidents caused by health-related loss of control—or at least to reduce the severity of such accidents,” Ralf Decks, project manager for Senior Smart at BMW, said.—-Press Release from BMW Group

Mercedes on the other hand is looking to reduce the chance of an accident altogether with their newly designed ‘Attention Assist’!! This system alerts you when you are nodding off! One of the largest causes of accidents is being tired—this technology would be like a mobile alarm clock aimed at keeping those pretty LUX eyes on the road!! wink Another cool safety note on Mercedes: they’ve just launched an ‘experimental concept car’ that literally turns the entire vehicle into an airbag right before impact!! Mercedes has been determined to lead the way in safety and by the sounds of it, they’re definitely at the front of the LUX pack!!

Now for Volvo, who has already implemented the ‘City Safety’ technology that uses lasers and radar to detect an impending collision that allows the car to respond to danger before YOU are even able to respond! Plan to have an ‘injury proof’ car before 2020!

As you can see LUX Nation, we are making great strides in pairing technology with the way we drive! Before we know it, the car will drive itself and we will have permanent chauffeurs!!


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