Mother’s Cookies Are Back!

West Coast LUX-natives rejoice, Mother’s most popular cookies are back! This includes the yummy circus animal cookies with the rainbow sprinkles. Most of us might not be accustomed to splurging on these little sweets now, but for many of us these pink and white cookies where a common staple of our grade school lunches. wink

Last year, the 94 year old company, Mother’s Cookies, had to close their operations completely due to financial challenges within this new economic landscape.
Luckily, Kellogg’s stepped up and acquired the trademarks and recipes for many of the most popular cookies within two months of Mother’s Chapter 11 announcement. Many avid Mother’s Cookies fans have been wondering when to expect them back on the shelves and it seems we will not need to wait much longer. smile

Kellogg Company plans on reintroducing many of Mother’s Cookies back into stores on the West Coast by June, 2009. While we may not have all varieties of Mother’s Cookies available at that time, we are working on some of your favorites like Mother’s Circus Animals, Mother’s Iced Oatmeal cookies, Mother’s Parade Animal Cookies, Mother’s Chocolate Chip, Mother’s Coconut Cocadas, Mother’s Macaroons, Mother’s Taffy Sandwich cookies, Mother’s English Teach cookies, Mother’s Double Fudge Sandwich cookies, Mother’s Vanilla Crème Sandwich cookies, and Mother’s Iced Lemon cookies. –Kellogg Spokesperson,

So LUXies, tap into that little child within you and celebrate; reminisce about a simpler time with a large glass of cold milk and this childhood pleasure. Enjoy!
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