Share products with your Facebook fans with new app ShopWith.It

New app ShopWith.It is here to make it even simpler to shop with help from your Facebook friends. Users may scan barcodes or snap images of their favorite items and then share them with their Facebook following, reported WWD.

“Spending hours reading online reviews from random people you’ve never met is old school — who has the time? ShopWith.It’s social research platform can help quickly narrow down options and simplify shopping,” Barry Besecker, who with Beck Besecker created the app, said to WWD.

ShopWith.It is backed by Marxent Labs, which has received financial support from Detroit Ventures Partners, the company that invested in the new application.

Established in 2010, the VC firm is headed by four partners, including Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

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LadyLUX via ShopWith.It

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