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Sometimes tried and true is the way to go. After more than decades of working in preventive medicine and cardiovascular risk reduction, Dr. Elie Gindi has created a new comprehensive program,, designed to reduce heart disease and promote cardiovascular health. Through realistic nutrition counseling, customized hands-on fitness instruction, mindful thinking strategies and optional gourmet meal delivery, clients will reduce their risk of cardiovascular problems in just four to 10 weeks.

“The premise is simple and the possible gains are immense,” Gindi said. “A lifestyle change requires much willpower and a lot of work to sustain it. My goal was to formulate a program ( that would help people with a lifestyle change to reduce their risk long term. My practitioners work with our client's practitioners to partner in helping improve their health … We do not use protein shakes or starvation diets. We teach people how to change their habits and enjoy the process within their lifestyles.”

The complete program includes individualized evaluation, education on fitness and nutrition, dietary guidance, food delivery, and behavior guidance using cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness strategies. The system is named after its main components: behavior, exercise, nutrition – every day.

Instead of relying on gimmicks, medications, injections or fad diets, the program uses progressive, science-based techniques proven to lead to a healthier, longer life. tailored to each participant's specific goals and needs with respect to behavior/motivation, exercise, nutrition and everyday health.

“We figured out how to tailor the program for the busiest individuals,” Gindi said. “We figured out how to tailor the program for individual styles of eating and athletic abilities. That is the beauty of the program. We make it fit for our clients.”

Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death in the world, adding up to more deaths that the next six causes combined. It can be triggered by poor diet, an inactive lifestyle and excess weight. Although medications can lower the risk of a heart attack by up to 30 percent, lifestyles choices such as a proper diet and exercise can reduce the risk by up to 50 percent. While medications can be an easy fix, lifestyle change makes the real difference.

The program’s elements in combination purport to lower participants’ risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and other general health issues. Other benefits include improved lipids and other laboratory markers (cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, blood sugar levels), lower blood pressure and reduced dependence on medication. Clients who follow the fitness program can expect improved core and overall strength, energy, flexibility and endurance, as well as less stress, improved sleep and better digestion.

“I have been in practice for nearly 30 years,” Gindi declared. “I have studied diets, exercise techniques and motivational issues for change. I found that it takes a team effort and many hours of expert advice and education to help an individual facilitate a sustainable lifestyle change. It also takes an understanding of psychological and other barriers to optimal health. I have put together such a team.”

Clients who stand to benefit the most from the program are those with cardiovascular risk based on obesity, diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and strong family history of heart disease. Prior to launching the program, the team tested it with 10 of Gindi’s patients. The results were impressive: weight loss, lower blood pressure, improved lab values and better well-being. All 10 saw treatment improvement.

In addition to the founder Dr. Gindi, the program boasts some leading health and wellness experts: Vicki Nussbaum, BSE, CN (nutrition), Elysa Waldholz, M.A., LMFT (behavior/motivation) and Damon Orlando, DC (fitness).

Potential future clients are encouraged to sign up for a three-and-a-half initial evaluation which includes an orientation, nutrition and fitness evaluation, assessment of barriers, lunch from gourmet meal service Paleta and the team’s report of findings.

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