New ‘Thought’ Technology Debuts at the Winter Olympics

As you know LUX Nation, this week will kick off the winter Olympics and there’s much to be excited about. Not only will it be a fun-filled ECO-affair, but there will also be some nifty technology going public!

That’s right! Technology company, InteraXon will debut the ‘largest thought-controlled computing installation’ to date at the Olympics. It will allow visitors to use their own brainwaves to influence the lights at three different landmarks across Canada!

“When people put on the headsets and find themselves increasing the brightness of the lights by just thinking about it, you can almost see their brains explode,” says Trevor Coleman, chief operating officer for InteraXon, the company that has created this installation.

Imagine a computer where you just had to think of something and it responds? Some are saying this is the way of the future? Imagine a world where a mouse and keyboard were considered out of date? This kind of feels like something in a sci-fi thriller, but this time it’s real! As we know, technology continues to expand and this new system is a taste of what we can expect in years to come.

As for this first run, the ‘thought computing project’ will be located at the Ontario Pavilion within the Vancouver Winter Olympics. You’ll be able to use your own brain waves to control the live lightshows at the following locations: Toronto’s CN Tower, Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings and Niagara Falls.

Overall, the procedure seems simple. You sit in a chair that’s designed to get you in the desired brain wave state while a headset is hooked to your forehead to measure your brain’s electrical output. When your brain is finally eliciting the desired balance between relaxation, alpha waves combined with beta waves and then the user will focus their intent to send the computer messages about what they’d like the computer to do. With more and more concentration this new technology will allow the user to make the lights spin and become brighter all with a simple thought.

Expect this 17-day event to launch this Friday the 12th at 10 am and run through February 28. The hours will be open daily from 10 am to 9 pm! Be sure to check it out if you’re going to attend!

As you can see, this new technology provides a glimpse at the future of computing! If you’d like to learn more visit

So LUX techies, what do you think? Is this technology something that you find interesting? Can you see yourself using thought-technology?

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