Newswrap: Twitter & Google reveal new social features

Both Twitter and Google have been pretty busy lately. These two giants are both unveiling some new ways to socially network.

Twitter has modified its website to make it easier for visitors to post photos and videos, as reported by Bloomberg. Partnering with 16 companies, Twitter will now allow users to quickly embed multimedia content with a new two-column layout – a move that will make the company more competitive in the market as well as boosting Twitter’s advertising. (The service as of April now sells ads to large
companies, which appear at the top of its search pages.)

“Our goal is to make people more happy and engaged Twitter users,” chief executive officer Evan Williams said, “and I think chances are, people would probably use more third-party apps if we can get them started using Twitter.”

Users now may quickly and easily tie in video feeds from YouTube and photos from Flickr, among other sites. The change is hoped to augment Twitter’s registered users – currently more than 145 million – and increase traffic to the site.

Well-known search engine company Google is likewise debuting a new product: “Google Me.” This new feature, reported by the Los Angeles Times, is available beginning this fall, will add a “social layer” to Google’s group of services – but the scheme is being kept strictly under wraps.

With this product, Google will be tackling the giant Facebook, which recently overtook Google as the highest-trafficked site in the country. Google’s response? To make further attempts to expand to the world of social media. While Google’s past volleys, such as its Twitter-inspired product Buzz and social-networking site Orkut, have met with little success, only time will tell if Google Me will fare any better.

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