Obama A Leader Of Hope

It's no secret that President Obama's victory was a welcomed change for the majority of Americans, if not for the world. He has brought hope and optimism to what was a very frustrated and cynnical population. These feelings were displayed in a recent poll taken by Gallup showing that 71% of our population has the utmost confidence in Obama's ability to handle our current economic situation.

Obama gets almost universal confidence from Democrats, two-thirds support from independents, and just over one-third confidence from Republicans.

Interestingly, the poll shows that Americans have less confidence in two of Obama’s key economic leaders, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. Gallup’s poll also claims that it is unlikely many Americans have much working knowledge of the sophisticated and complex economic policies enacted by Geithner and Bernanke over the recent months.

Lets hope the optimism Obama has brought to our nation will continue to inspire people to become more educated about our political system and policies and keep the momentum of positive transformation moving forward.

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