Oprah to Auction Items from Her Own Closet

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Well Oprah has found a way to turn ‘spring cleaning’ into a LUX-worthy cause! By hand-selecting 150 items from her own closet, she’ll help raise money and awareness for her own Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

This school is one of a kind and helps further the development of the next generation of women leaders. Established back in ’07, it offers about 300 low-income students a chance for a real education and to have a better life. The first graduation is expected in 2011 and Oprah has already picked her outfit, according to O online magazine!

If you’d like to help support this graduation and many more to come, check out her auction at eBay to be a part of making a positive difference. Out of the 150 items on the auction block there’s sure to be something that catches your eye!

The few that caught our attention include: a ‘Bottega Veneta bag, red suede Prada heels in size 9 and a to die for quilted Chanel evening bag’.

There are six different categories of items: Handbags, Tops/Blouses, Dresses, Shoes, Skirts/Pants and Outerwear. These previously loved items will be available from March 1 through 11. To learn more click here.

What do you think LUXies? Does knowing this goes to support a good cause make it more enticing fashion-wear?

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