Oprah versus Ashton:  What do you tweet?

Watch out Ashton, we see increasing competition in your future on Twitter. Oprah just joined the ranks of the 14 million users, sending her first Tweet live via her show this past Friday. As one would expect, the result of the influential talk show tycoon’s participation in the trend has skyrocketed the popularity of the site. According to Hitwise, an online statistic cruncher, Twitter’s U.S. visitors increased 24% the day Oprah tweeted. Not to mention that 37% of the hits were from new sources, clearly indicating her influential range!

The growing celebrity involvement in this San Francisco start-up is bound to influence the user make up and content creation. Some experts even anticipate some challenges, questioning whether the platform will be impacted in terms of user’s ability to shift through the increased content effectively. Though, at this point.. tweeters don't seem to mind, clearly evident, by the growing online community.

Looking forward to seeing if Ashton will dare to challenge Oprah for the most followers.. and what will happen if he actually comes out the winner? Can we anticipate a repeat ding dong ditch challenge? Only time will tell.. until then keep tweeting!

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