Pinterest, others kick off bookmarking sites

Bookmarking sites a la Tumblr are making a comeback, with a number of start-ups unveiling fresh looks and the financial backing to go with it. Users visiting these new websites are able to link and display images and content from around the Web.

Taking its name from the words “pin” and “interest,” the upcoming company Pinterest allows visitors to bookmark images from the Web that appeal to them or upload a favorite photo. The site has a blogging feel to it, but is easier done. Fashion lovers will be pleased to know that fashion is scoring a place as one of the most popular segments on the site.

Other new-to-the-market sites include TheFancy and Svpply, which center more on product hunting than allowing users to personalize their content.

But will these new sites bring in the cash? When asked how the site will make money, Pinterest co-founder Ben Silverman told WWD, “We don’t know yet.”

If they can figure out an answer, they may be looking at serious success. Pinterest already boasts 110,000 visitors per month, according to Google Analytics. Competitors include Hearst Corp.’s Kaboodle and Time Inc.’s StyleFeeder.

Another bookmarking site is Polyvore – and it is more fashion-geared. Visitors to this site can create and share collages of fashion images taken from the Web. The company has proved to be a money-maker, with 1.1 million visitors a month. Their revenue comes from sponsored contests with labels and cost-per-click advertising for fashion brands to list their products on Polyvore.

Of course, the critics are talking. Some say the problem is that users like to surf around and have fun, but they don’t end up taking home the merchandise.

Helen Zhu, founder of outfit-sharing community Chictopia, disagrees. She claims customers can be compelled to purchase through integrated ad campaigns, with shoppers excited by contests, giveaways and display ads.

“Brands want a better way to reach out to fashion influencers besides just editors,” Zhu said to WWD. “It’s just like being friends with someone in real life. It’s a long-term relationship. You wouldn’t necessarily ask someone you just met to buy something from you.”

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LadyLUX via Pinterest

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