PowerWomenTV:  Documentary of ‘Real’ Women in Business

LUX Nation, a new online series aimed at sharing the amazing stories of women in business and entrepreneurship is coming this summer, called PowerWomenTV!!

This new series was created by one woman, Amy Palmer, who started by simply exploring why more women were not on Wall Street. And through this exploration she collected hundreds of amazing stories of women who have broken through the ‘glass ceiling and forged new paths’!!

Amy Palmer actively shopped this series as a show that demonstrated positive role models for women—and time after time she was turned down because the show’s concept lacked ‘drama.’ A well-known women’s network said there needed to be more entertainment value with conflict, battles, and higher stakes. Palmer wondered what could be more ‘dramatic’ then the real lives of women who have found success in a ‘man’s world’ and without compromising who they are at the same time.

Palmer being an unstoppable woman herself decided she would launch her own online series to help tell the stories of these amazing strong, powerful women who have found a way to live their lives on their terms both in business and in life!

Our conversations are candid. We talk about balance (there is no such thing), spirituality and how it relates to business (enlightenment = power), trusting your gut, following your passion, blocking out the negative and guidelines for getting ideas off the ground. The women on the show are smart, insightful, funny, passionate, quirky, serious, and playful. I look at the show as a cross section of women today—REAL women who are following their dreams, and letting us learn from them along the way. –

As you can see LUXies, this is once again something we here at LadyLUX whole heartedly embrace! We encourage you to ‘know and love thyself’ to be who you are authentically. This show is one that I think we all need to be a part of. It will highlight everyday women who strive to make a positive difference. This online series isn’t about the drama and was not made for pure entertainment value; it’s aimed to highlight role models and women that have defeated the odds and to inspire you to do the same!! The principles embodied by this series are pure LUX!! wink

At this point, PowerWomenTV is still in progress. Although, it’s aimed to launch this summer. In the meantime, if you have someone in mind that might be a perfect front-runner, email the creator at


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