Protect Amazon Rain Forest, Eat Brazil Nuts for a Snack

Hey LUXies, next time you want a healthy snack, try purchasing Brazil nuts. It seems by simply utilizing our consumer power to buy these large crescent moon shaped nuts, we can also be protecting the rainforest. This concept is totally LUX! Eating right and helping the planet, what could be better!?! wink

You are probably asking how this is possible. Well, it all comes down to how Brazil nuts are farmed. It seems that farmers and commercial organizations have not figured out a way to plant these trees in plantations yet. So, the only way they can be produced is in ‘healthy, pristine conditions in the rainforest’. This means that in order to harvest these trees for commercial use, the rainforest that surrounds them will have to be cared for to maintain these perfect conditions.

Farmers can’t chop down the surrounding trees to more easily get to the Brazil nut trees (which are typically found 1-2 per hectare); because the trees won’t produce as well as if they were in a healthy, primary forest. It seems trees that were in “secondary forest” areas produce 2/3 or fewer “seeds” compared with trees that are growing in primary rainforest. –via

Since Brazil nuts have ‘selenium’ they help to guard your skin’s elasticity. They also are great at acting as a detoxification agent to fight ‘free radicals.’ We hope this new information encourages you to explore the taste of Brazil nuts—your skin and the rainforest is depending on it!!


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