Rare 14.23 carat pink diamond has record sale at Christie’s

On Monday, one of the rarest gems in the world, a pink diamond, sold at Christie's in Hong Kong for a record-breaking sale of £14.86 million ($23.2 million at current exchange).

The stone was the much-talked-about centerpiece in the “Jewels: The Hong Kong Sale” auction at Christie's. In the 244-year history of the auction house, only 18 diamonds more than 10 carats with a pink tone have gone up for bid, but not one came close to the caliber of this particular stone, aptly named “The Perfect Pink.” The diamond was the first to be graded Fancy Intense Pink and is estimated to be worth $14 million to $19 million.

Most pink diamonds also feature a secondary color, such as orange or purple, but this stone showed no sign of another color – making it even rarer. Its clarity and cut were also unheard of.

“The strength of the jewelry market was once again demonstrated in Hong Kong with a record $78.9 million dollars (£50.6m) auction, making it the highest total ever for a jewelry auction in Asia and the largest at Christie's worldwide,” Vickie Sek, director of the jewelry and jadeite department for Christie's Asia, told The Independent.

The Perfect Pink is the most expensive stone to ever sell at an Asian auction.

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