Reese Redefined

Strolling by the newstand the other day I was prompted to stop dead in my tracks in pure and utter amazement at what had caught my eye. There, on the April cover of Elle Magazine, was Reese Witherspoon, the girl-next-door who has warmed our hearts for the past decade, only this time it was Reese in a completely different light. The usual sweet and wholesome, cute and conservative frock we are all so accustomed to seeing had been shed and replaced by a racier look. And the pose—so not the usual Reese. In a very classy, safe manner, she has thrown off the cardigan and is showing a bit of her inner sex-kitten. It definitely has to make you wonder if this is the beginning of a new era for our “cute as a button” starlet? Of course she has every right to shed that image of innocence as in the past few years her life she been through the ringer with heartache, divorce, hard work, and love. And we have stood cheering on the sidelines and watched every move.

Get your Reese update by checking out her interview in this months Elle Mag. Inside she dishes on the pain and misery of divorce, personal growth, and the love in her life. Oh yeah, and I'm sure there is something in there about her new movie. wink

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