Retail Giant, Wal-Mart is Taking ‘Green’ to a Whole New Level

LUXies, what could be more LUX than large corporations starting to take conscious actions towards reducing their global footprint and carbon-emissions?! Well, that’s exactly what Wal-Mart just announced last week!

It seems the retail giant has made a public eco-declaration to take a much closer look at over 100,000 of their suppliers in terms of their environmental impact in the products they provide! The inquiry will touch upon subjects such as ‘greenhouse gas emissions, manufacturing waste and natural materials used.’ How LUX-tastic is this?? Definitely a clear statement of shifting values and a win-win for our planet and future Wal-Mart consumers!! wink

This inspection is just the beginning of a whole new program to be implemented at the store level in the next 5 years! Eventually, each store product will have a ranking on it that reflects the environmental impact of that product!! Wal-Mart is referring to this program as the ‘single, open-source platform’ that will help to educate every consumer about the products they are purchasing!! Equipped with this information, the responsibility will be put back on you as the consumer to understand the impact of your own purchasing power.

And Wal-Mart’s size and purchasing power could drive change in the industry, even for non-suppliers, said Elaine Delgado, manager of sustainable product stewardship at Boston-based New Balance. “This is a great opportunity for the rest of us who are involved in making shoes in China,” she said. “Wal-Mart speaks and people listen because of their extreme volume. They could impact all industries.” –via Press Release

We hope this move will influence other large organizations to look at their global impact as well—movements like this can trickle down and can start huge shifts in global citizenship and conscious business practices!!

LUX Nation, can you imagine how this eco-info would affect your purchase decisions??

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