A Dozen Roses launches three perfumes inspired from roses

The beauty of a rose has inspired everything from jewelry to art and poetry. Now, it has also inspired a line of fragrances. Featuring three sumptuous perfumes, A Dozen Roses is a fragrance collection from 360 Degrees that takes the fabled flower, in all its sensuality, as muse. Available exclusively at New York City’s Bergdorf Goodman and select Neiman Marcus locations, the three scents seek to re-create the emotional impact of beholding a rose.

“With roses, there is a certain emotion that you can’t help but experience,” founders Lynn Emmolo and Sandy Cataldo said. “We felt that everyone could feel the joy and celebration that comes from roses. Roses are quintessential to fragrance, so there’s a story there.”

Intrigued by the interesting history of the flower, the two women spent nearly a year researching the rose and its many varieties. The knowledge they gained helped add depth to the perfumes.

Crafted by three different women who were given a creative carte blanche, A Dozen Roses perfumes emerged from a melding of artistic passion and scent expertise. Drawing from their own reactions to and experiences with roses, the creators have managed to use the essence in fresh new ways.

The perfume evokes the loveliness of a rose not just through the sense of smell but also with a visual statement. Each bottle exhibits original paintings of a rose in bloom. Breaking out of the mold of a simple clear bottle, the perfume is housed in a positive piece of art.

“The whole idea of the bottles was to have texture and paint,” Emmolo and Cataldo said. “They are lacquer ink, so they have vibrancy to them as well. If you look at the rose and the abstract on either side of the bottle, it’s a double entendre of feeling. It’s what you feel, the emotion behind it, and the actual idea of the fragrance.”

The first scent, Shakespeare in Love, is crafted with jasmine, gardenia, vanilla and fresh pear to evoke romance and warm memories. Iced White achieves an edgy mood by combining white peony, white primrose and osmanthus with touches of vanilla and white musk. The final fragrance is the sexy, flashy Gold Rush, a mix of blackberry, neroli and ylang ylang blended with bittersweet chocolate and ebony woods. All three perfumes feature A Dozen Roses’ signature rose absolut.

“The idea is emotional, and it’s an immediate connection individually,” the founders said. “If you’re a woman with confidence, you know what you like, and you want something a little different or collectible.”

Both founders have backgrounds in marketing, and they know why people gravitate toward certain perfumes: the scent itself, the bottle and the emotion. In creating A Dozen Roses, they attempted to master all three and reach out to women of various ages who appreciate a beautiful scent in a beautiful bottle.

“This is about your own signature. People like to walk into a room with a unique piece of clothing or a unique signature scent, something that’s their own,” the two founders said. “We tried to put whatever we would love about fragrance into our fragrance.”

The two women hope their next move will be to create a line of 12 rose fragrances.

In celebration of the perfume’s recent release, customers who buy a bottle this week at Bergdorf Goodman will receive a gift of a box of Gold Rush cards. On Oct. 22, shoppers may also fill out a personality quiz to determine which fragrance suits their style.

The 3.4 fl. oz. fragrances are offered for $95 per bottle. For more information or to purchase, visit or Neiman Marcus.

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