San Diego LUX-Resort Offers ‘Survivor Package’ to Entice any Budget

Calling all Budget conscious LUXies, are you looking for quick getaway to San Diego?!

The Rancho Bernardo Inn known mostly for their impeccable service and LUX accommodations has created a package that you can make fit most budgets!! Beware that this ‘pick your perks’ customization may require you to tap into your inner ‘Survivor,’ think television show!

Referred to as the ‘Survivor Package,’ this hotel’s special offer allows you to cut back where you believe you can in order to slash the price to fit for you. From a high of $219 a night that offers you deluxe accommodations and breakfast for two can go all the way down to $19 a night if you are willing to relinquish the perk of staying indoors!!

That’s right, this new offer allows you to choose which amenities you will want to sacrifice lowering the daily rate each time! Eventually, if you’re willing to give up breakfast, air conditioning, lights, sheets, and even a bed, then you’ll be left with the low of $19 a night. And then this LUX-hotel experience becomes more of a outdoor camping one!! Though you do still have full access to the ground amenities, including the three pools and spa!

Intrigued?? Well this offer will run through August 16 through 31. So book now and please be sure to report back to us. We would love to hear from anyone willing or able to capitalize on the this most ‘unique’ opportunity!!

So LUX Nation, we would love to hear from you!! Would you be interested in this ‘Survivor Package’? Is this a creative way to book rooms or does it fall short on your LUX-list??

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