Shopping for Engagement Rings via Your iPhone

LUX Nation, as you know the iPhone has completely revolutionized the way we use our phone or should I say how we live our life! It seems that a new iPhone app promises to make ring shopping a little more LUX!! wink

Stuller has partnered with Gemvision Corp. and Red Box Diamonds to offer an app that allows you to try any engagement ring on a picture of your own hand all via your iPhone!! This ‘Live Diamond Try-On’ app will be available by late summer and will be offered free to all iPhone users.
Now this app will allow you to choose your diamond cut, caret size, and color. It will also allow you to choose from a variety of mounting options, metal color and ring styles. Then you will be prompted to take a picture of your own hand, there in which the app will place the ring you have just created on the picture of your own hand!! The diamond will even sparkle with the movement of the screen, mimicking the most realistic ring shopping experience!!

The new application is one of a number of new programs Stuller is offering that are designed to let jewelers take advantage of digital technologies to give consumers expanded options. –via National Jeweler Network

You have the opportunity to ‘tweet’ using your image or email it to friends and family for feedback! If you are interested in purchasing the ring it will provide you with specific retailers nearest you!!

So LUXies we would love to hear what you think, can you see yourself purchasing your dream ring via your iPhone??

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