Six Flags Announces Implementation of ‘Eco-Initiatives’

Six Flags Inc. has decided to update the popular theme parks by implementing sustainable green practices!! Now that’s what we call a LUX improvement!

“Six Flags is taking aggressive steps to help protect and preserve the environment for future generations,” said Mark Shapiro, Six Flags President and CEO. “These programs will help safeguard the planet and create lasting partnerships with the communities where we live and work.”

One of the largest eco-efforts includes a reduction in energy consumption across the existing 20-parks throughout United States, Mexico and Canada! This includes updating the in-park transportation system with newer more fuel-efficient models and piloting a new program to test out a diesel-powered system that runs off used vegetable oil produced in the kitchen at four of the parks—thus totally utilizing the principles of repurposing and reusing!!

Plus all the lighting in the parks has been updated to include LED lamps and lights!! One special location, ‘The Great Escape,’ earned the EPA Green Power Partner by utilizing New York State wind energy.

They have also taken ‘recycle’ to the next level by lining every garbage can with biodegradable bags in place of the traditional plastic version!! Partnering with Coca-Cola, they have placed recycle bins to collect ‘paper, glass, plastic and aluminum.’ Offering eco-ease to the theme park experience!! So be sure to take advantage of these special bins LUXies, and know that YOU are a part of the solution!! wink

Conserving water is also crucial to the environment and they have replaced the faucets and gardening system to aqua-saving versus aqua-wasting versions!!

What do you think LUX Nation; do you think Six Flags is making the responsible choices to support tourism and the environment?

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