Smashing Indie Fashion Gifts For The Holidays

We all know that holidays gifts can be a bit blasé. In order to avoid less than stellar gifts, we feel it's perfectly acceptable to send gift ideas, request or DEMANDS directly to a family member or loved one’s inbox. Here are the LadyLUX covets for Him and Her via our favorite Indie site, SmashingDarling.

For Her

1. Bronwen Red Leather Mac Case - $85.00. This case is lusciously LUX. Most laptap cases are ultra modern and sleek. The Bronwen case is something entirely different; it's glamorous and eye-catching, while being refined and tasteful. This case will be noticed in any meeting. Bonus points for how it discreetly holds the power cord.

2. Deanna Burasco’s Waffle Necklace - $45.00. Deanna’s jewelry is very unique. She uses pieces created from shrink plastic and mixes them with ribbon and metals. This is not your ordinary necklace, it’s delicate, but also make a great style statement that says, “Yes! I have fierce indie fashion taste.”

3. Merigirl Black A-Line Dress - $85.00. We know what you’re thinking, “Another black dress?” Yes, of course! We firmly believe that a woman can never have too many of these. This one is fantastic; it’s woven and stretchy - perfect for the girl needs a bit of give because of delightful indulgence during the holidays.

For Him

1. The Go Robot! Defense Ring - $88.00. Men’s accessories expanded in 2009 beyond belts and shoes. It’s now acceptable for men to sport bags, goggles, necklaces and fantastic bling. This ring is masculine and notoriously sexy.

2. Mana Moon Chain Maille Bracelet - $98.00. We’re continuing with sexy accessories. This bracelet is unusual. Proceed with caution, this isn't for rural town wearing but it’ll turn heads in major metropolitan areas from New York to Berlin.

3. Black Lego Cufflinks - $18.00. Whoever thought of these was brilliant! Any man who’d wear lego cuff links quickly instills a major case of <3 (heart) for us. Sexy and fun!

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