Social travel website Trippy announces A-list advisory board

Travel is a fun, exciting adventure and with the social website and app Trippy, it’s going to get even more entertaining. Trippy is designed not only to inspire, collect and share travel ideas but to collaborate plans with travel buddies. It’s a full-circle experience that helps turn your travel dreams into reality.

Adding to the inspiration, Trippy recently announced its advisory board with A-list members including Rachel Zoe, Jason Mraz, Anthony Bourdain, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, Randi Zuckerberg, Andrew Zimmern, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chase Jarvis, Soraya Darabi, Johnny Jet, Veronica Belmont, Kim Mance, Brett Snyder, Gary Arndt, Peter Shankman and Boo, also known as the world’s cutest dog.

Each tastemaker, influencer, artist and passionate traveler offers a different lifestyle perspective on travel, resulting in something for everyone. As advisors share their travel experiences, fashionistas, foodies, pet lovers and techies can enjoy their idol’s favorite destinations for shopping, eating and sightseeing and even get tips on what to order.

Known internally as “Project Delightful,” users will get a preview of Trippy’s site evolution that is focused on a visual-browsing experience of endless destination photos. As users view photos, they can sort places they have been or where they want to go, as well as arrange travel ideas on visual inspiration boards. Boards can be customized with categories such as “Feeling Beachy” and “Weekend Getaways.”

“With visual browsing, we’re really taking people all the way from dreaming to doing now, and we are so honored to have such an esteemed group of advisors leading the way to inspire great travel,” said J.R. Johnson, founder and CEO of “As a new site, we’re able to be fast and focused as we take in how people respond to Trippy. It’s in that spirit of innovation that we’re giving an open look to the public of where we’re headed with Project Delightful.”

Trippy also geo-tags each travel photo to allow users to plot destinations on a map and remember the location of each inspiring place. And when users are ready to turn ideas into trips, Trippy connects to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to plan with friends or ask for tips.

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LadyLUX via Trippy

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