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Although spending time in the sun is fun, it does affect your skin in more ways than one. You may have your water bottle nearby, but there's another part of you that's getting thirsty—your face. Summer is a big season for breakouts since we tend to moisturize the same amount, instead of adjust for the dry climate. Keeping your skin hydrated with a facial moisturizer will not only give you a great glow, but you'll also be providing your face with an important anti-aging regimen since many of your first fine lines are caused by dehydration. Another important factor to consider when buying a moisturizer is going for all-natural or organic products. Even though it's not regulated by the FDA, it's easy to spot the ingredients on every product. Keep your eyes open for lotions with antioxidants, natural oils (ie. plant-based), fruit and vegetable extracts, vitamins and minerals. Try to steer away from synthetic dyes or scents, as well as parabens, petrochemicals or phthalates.

1. Moisturizing Day Cream by Yes To Carrots
A product of the Yes To team, which also makes products from cucumbers and tomatoes, their carrot line is aimed at consumers that need moisture. Their cream works all day to keep you looking radiant, with a little help from pomegranate peel, avocado oil, and vitamins A and C. Plus, the price point shows that you don't have to shell out the dough to go organic.

2. Paradise Regained by Lush
This vegan facial moisturizer will have friends thinking you took a trip to the day spa. Aptly named “Paradise Regained”, you'll get the vacation you deserve with daily use of this soft, creamy butter. With ingredients such pineapple, grape, almond oil and green tea, you won't know whether to smother it on or eat it up!

3. Organic Healing Moisturizing Balm by 100% Pure
Promoted by estheticians as a great lotion for break out-prone skin, 100% Pure offers all-natural, completely vegan products for half of the price of other beauty brands out there. This healing moisturizer is great for day or night, and many users claim their skin got firmer within a month's time. Plus, the list of the stuff inside is so short, you know they're doing something right. No impossible-to-pronounce words ending with -ate, instead a list of natural oils (such as black current and grape seed) and unrefined butters from avocado, shea and almond.

4. Malagasy Ylang Ylang & Linden Flower Facial Cream by Pangea Organics
Known for their high-quality, all-natural products, it's safe to say—once you go Pangea, you won't go back. Packing their products with the most beneficial, restorative ingredients, Pangea promises to never compromise quality by watering down or adding fillers. Instead of lotions that sit on the skin to be washed off later, Pangea's products penetrate beneath the surface to feed the skin with their antioxidant-rich recipe. Apply this cream every morning and evening and you'll have a more fabulous face in no time.

5. RareMinerals Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer by Bare Escentuals
Instead of freaking your skin out with crazy chemicals, Bare Escentuals is known for creating products that provide the solution to skin problems. Their new moisturizer in their RareMinerals skincare line is no exception. Using rare virgin oils, antioxidents penetrate the skin immediately to freshen and awaken the face. Rachel, a beauty blogger from Boston, was very impressed by the moisturizer's ability to hydrate her skin. She said on her blog, “What I've noticed with this product is that it sinks into the skin nearly immediately, so there's no greasy residue—my skin just drinks it all up.”

6. Pomegranate Balancing Moisturizer by KORRES
Founded over 10 years ago in Greece's oldest homeopathic pharmacy, KORRES was born. All ingredients are derived from nature, are clinically tested and don't use any petrochemicals, parabens or alcohol. Great for oily or combination skin, the lightweight moisturizer doesn't go on thick or clog the pores. Instead, pomegranate extract makes the pores shrink, and ingredients like carob tree and provitamin B5 diminish the appearance of fine lines while hydrating the face.

7. Organic Face Hydrating Cream by Boots Botanics
Boots is the number one beauty brand in Britain. When I found out that Target was stocking their shelves with Boots product, including their organic line, I had to take a gander. The cream does exactly what it says, hydrate. Upon a couple days of use, skin looks immediately brighter and tighter. Don't be surprised if you find yourself buying your second batch within a couple weeks!

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