Keep Your Skin Looking Fabulous All Summer

Get that summer glow

It’s not too late to get your skin looking its best despite the intense summer heat that’s sweeping over much of the country.

Surviving the hot summer sun and allowing your skin to thrive takes extra care, and our experts share their tips.

Keep Your Skin Looking Fabulous All Summer

Six steps to excellent summer skin

Whether you’re experiencing breakouts, or feeling that your skin just isn’t looking its best, here are fantastic tips from Grace Gutierrez, an esthetician and founder of True Grace Skin Care in Newport Beach, Calif.

  1. Juice 1-2 medium carrots and dilute in one glass of water. Drink one glass of this every day. The beta carotenes will give your skin extra protection in the sun and a more even, vibrant tan.
  2. Skin responds very well to water and fruits. Try to start your morning with at least 2 glasses of water and lemon juice, and then eat only fruit until lunch. Do this 2-3 times a week to detox your system and give your liver a break. That immediately translates to hydrated skin.
  3. Prevent acne and blemishes. Do not skip your morning and night face cleansing. Be extra diligent removing make up and foundation. The warm weather makes our skin produce more sweat and oil, and those mixed with sunscreen and foundation is perfect for acne bacteria proliferation.
  4. Prepare your lips. I really like to apply a thick balm at night and use a soft wash cloth in the morning to remove gently all the dead skin that will be loose after the balm mask.
  5. Remember that a lot of self tanner on your face can make you break out. Try to “fake it” with bronzers strategically placed. You don’t want your face as brown as your body.
  6. Lighten your skin care routine. Favor more products with a lighter texture such as those that are water based, or gels.
Keep Your Skin Looking Fabulous All Summer

Wear plenty of sunscreen - the right way

Here are some of Scott-Vincent Borba’s favorite sun-protection tips for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful:

  • The greatest damage to your skin occurs from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Few people use sunscreen the right way. Apply a generous, overflowing handful every couple of hours, more often if you’ve been swimming or sweating. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you go into the sun so it soaks in.
  • Take advantage of all the summer fruits and vegetables from your locally grown farmers’ markets. Eat a varied diet high in vitamins A, E and C and essential fatty acids. Studies show that diets high in saturated fat, including meat, butter and full-fat dairy, as well as soft drinks, cakes and pastries increased the likelihood of skin wrinkling.
  • Get out in the warm weather and exercise. Exercise flushes impurities out of your skin and promotes production of sebum, or oil, your skin’s natural moisturizer and enhances blood flow to the skin to enhance your natural glow. With that, who needs to be tan?

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