Style Secrets of the Stars and Starmakers

The most unlikely of bedfellows often find common ground when it comes to style. Take Lady Gaga and Barbara Walters: The two women—one, who has recently gained the spotlight, not to mention the cover of the December issue of American Elle—and the other, who has been in the spotlight for decades as a journalist, now most known for her TV specials of interviews with Hollywood’s biggest stars—share a love for one thing: bold accessories.

Walters recently filmed the latest of her famed specials: Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009, on which Lady Gaga was a guest. The pop star and the reporter soon found that they adore oversize jewels—From Gaga’s huge brooch to Babs’ oversized necklace and belt. Their look this season, as well as every other, is bold and beautiful.

If you too are a jewels junkie, the fab site, Jewels Boutique, has all the baubles you’ll need to shine bright, even into the new year.

Bang Around Bangle: Fashioned from a single piece of smoky light brown quartz, this chunky arm candy is part fine jewelry, part fun piece to throw on with any outfit. Shimmering potential is huge with the geometric facets and bold scale that make this piece stand out.

A Sweet Heart: What could a girl want more than a diamond heart pendant? Words of love to go with it, of course. This pendant, with its unobtrusive appearance, is perfect for both special occasions, being diamonds of course, and casual cocktails, as a result of its micropavé style, a process by which small diamonds are set extremely close together to maximize their sparkle. One hopes that the romantic sentiment sets the right tone for the New Year—and beyond.

On the Rocks: This cluster cognac diamond ring is so au courant, as jewel aficionados are realizing just how gorgeous colored diamonds are alongside their traditional brethren. But the ability to pair several stones together ups their style as well as frugal quotient at the same time. What could be hotter than that?

Bigger is Better: In our mother’s day, colorful cocktail rings were the It piece. Big dos, big shoulders, and big jewelry dominated the fashion of the 70s and early 80s and this version, in chartreuse quartz (a lively green and yellow mix of hues) will complete a retro look perfectly. Who says history can’t repeat itself?

A Girl’s Best Friend: These dazzling diamond drops-the Frédérique Earrings-could be your BFF for life, or at the least, donning the 18-karat gold and a half-carat of white diamonds will make you want to sing just like Marilyn did.

A Delicate Soul: It may look discreet, but this white pavé floret necklace hanging from a 48” chain dotted with diamonds will look perfect with any ensemble, from jeans and a T-shirt to daring evening wear. Wear it long or double it up–either way, you’ll be dressed and ready.

Coveters, Unite! What could be a rallying point more than this infinity cross pendant This gorgeous natural fancy colored diamond pendant is a showstopper, whether at your home or God’s. Madonna made them popular for everyday: Continue the trend and thank The Lord for his gemstones.

Round and Round: Gold, if one can be so caddy, gets boring after a while. Liven up your look with a few rose gold pieces. This
pavé bracelet does the trick, not only because the warmer metal will match nearly all skin tones, but its repeating motif makes it easy to layer and match with nearly any outfit.

Get Hitched: If Oprah can do it, so can you. The queen of daytime television wears a diamond infinity band, like this victorian band, on her pinky. After all, a delicate ring need not be just worn by blushing brides. Propose one for yourself; you’ll say yes in a heartbeat.

Jewels of Old: Your grandmother could tell you that the Marquis cut was in way back when; it’s now making a raging comeback. This elongated gem will be seen all over in upcoming seasons in designer collections. Be ahead of the trends with this bold yet gorgeous green amethyst ring.

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