Survey says UK men take longer to get ready

Debenhams, the second largest department chain in the UK, conducted a study last month to see how long it takes British men to groom themselves. The verdict? Men in the UK will take longer than women to get ready during the holidays by an average of 14 minutes.

“Sales of male grooming products have soared by 141 percent in the run up to Christmas, but it's not only women treating their men, but image-conscious men wanting to look at their best at the social occasion of the year,” Sara Stern, Debenhams' cosmetics director, said in a statement.

The department store attributed the results to British celebrities, such as David Beckham, that are famous for their “metro” look, which includes hair styling, grooming and spa services. Men also tend to procrastinate more than women, leaving big decisions – such as what to wear – for the last minute.

The survey also differentiated between getting ready for a night out, or just for an average day. Men doubled, sometimes tripled, their time getting ready when it was for a special occasion. The findings showed that British men spent 19 minutes on their hair, compared to 12 minutes every day; took a 21-minute shower, versus 10 minutes every day; and spent 28 minutes on treatments and grooming instead of 9 minutes on any other day.

The idea of a “metro” man has definitely spread to British men. Almost 35 percent said manicures and pedicures were part of their daily regimen, and more than 50 percent said they've had a facial. Treatments such as waxing, threading and tinting eyebrows were also topics of discussion, with 29 percent admitting to having the beauty work done.

“Our findings indicate that women seem to get ready faster than men as they see the process as a social event. Getting ready for the Christmas party is a communal, bonding activity,” Stern said.

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