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Thakoon Panichgul has decided to change strategy. The designer will be taking his two capsule collections, Addition and Carbon Copy, and repositioning them for today’s market, reported WWD.

“In 2009, we wanted to offer a capsule alongside the main line that offered more of a day element,” Maria Borromeo, CEO at Thakoon, said to WWD. “That became Thakoon Addition, which offered an opening price point of about 15 percent below the main line. It quickly grew and stores began looking at it as its own collection.”

Panichgul reported that retailers knocked down his door asking for a more fully merchandised line from Addition.

“We like our ideas to be born out of an organic growth,” Panichgul said. “It’s never about a cheaper price point or diffusion.”

Two seasons ago, Thakoon made the choice to spin off Carbon Copy, offering a previously designed print in two different tones, which the designer described as “almost like a carbon copy.”

Since launching Thakoon in 2004, Panichgul has come to realize the importance of generating new prints and silhouettes for each runway season.

“Sometimes the fashion system is so quick that you have to get rid of something good after just one season, even if you still like it and the customer is just starting to feel it,” Panichgul revealed.

He notes, however, that some prints need more lifelines. “This is almost our way of controlling the things we can control,” the designer explained.

Panichgul aims for greater affordability with the two collections: Addition sells for around $170 to $650, whereas Carbon Copy is usually offered for $155 to $355. These prices are a marked contrast from the Thakoon designer collection, which is priced at $325 to $2,450.

“Addition offered us a way to reach out to a different demographic,” Borromeo said. “At this price point, you can reach out to more stores.”

Stores indeed are hopping on the bandwagon of displaying Panichgul’s wares. Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York and Nordstrom, among others, will offer his collections this season, with the designer’s lines even scoring displays on multiple floors of the specialty chains.

Panichgul intends to unveil an e-commerce site sometime in July, which will center on his main collection, including his runway pieces.

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Purple Neon/LadyLUX via Thakoon

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