The Oscars 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Be sure to mark your calendars LUXies because this Sunday is the Oscars!

Dually hosted, this event is definitely going to be a must-see with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin at the helm. We all know there will be plenty of laughter in the mix!

One of the coolest features of this year’s event has been the increased ‘pre-show’ coverage incorporating social media platforms, behind-the-scenes ‘webisodes' and much, much more!

They’ve even incorporated a game called ‘Play Along’ where you can actually try to predict the Oscar winners in real-time and track your results against your friends. Definitely a LUX-ified feature to keep you entertained and will definitely ensure a bit of healthy competition.

Even better is that Avatar is on the ballot for nine categories including Best Picture! Our fingers are crossed on this one, though the odds look great that it’ll take something home.

Another revolutionary feature we wrote about last summer, Food Inc. also made the list for best Documentary Film.

Oh yeah, be sure to visit to check out all of the wonderful opportunities to stay in touch and allow your vote to count for both the Designer Challenge and the Behind the Dress competitions!

As you can see LUXies, with the red carpet styles, entertaining hosts and a star cast this year’s event will most likely be one of the best yet! So be sure to tune in and let us know which part was your FAV!

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