Thousands in need get free turkey

As Thanksgiving Day comes upon us, it is, as always, a time to count our blessings and remember those less fortunate. The 23rd annual Jackson Limousine Service Turkey Dinner Giveaway was one of many events happening all over to give thanks and spread good cheer in honor of the famous “Turkey Day.”

Volunteers and others from the limo service handed out 10,000 turkeys and the trimmings to go with it on Tuesday in Los Angeles, in one of Southern California's largest giveaways. Reflecting the economic difficulties plaguing the country, thousands of people in need lined up in hopes of receiving a free turkey dinner out of this annual event.

Some found a place in line as early as Saturday to camp out and wait. By the time the happening started at 8 a.m., the line circulated practically the whole 3600 block of West Slauson Avenue – and lasted until supplies ran out. Seniors on fixed incomes, the disabled and families in need were able to receive a holiday meal complete with yams, greens, corn bread, fresh fruit, cranberry sauce and more.

Joining in the giveaway were community leaders and celebrities such as James Pickens Jr. from “Grey's Anatomy.”

“We see how economics are today and how folks are out here in need and hopefully there will be a day when we won't have to do this,” Pickens told KTLA.

According to the limousine service’s press release, the goal was to put the “Happy” back into Thanksgiving for those in need. On behalf of all the less fortunate, we at LadyLUX hope it did. Enjoy the holiday.

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