Tiffany releases new website, True Love, for romance seekers

When it comes to true love, Tiffany & Co. has experience to share – and now the company has plans to do so. For all those romantics out there, Tiffany has unveiled a website and an iPhone application to guide couples through affairs of the heart.

Named, the jewelry magnet’s new website features stories of real lovers, who discuss their courtship and path to happiness, sharing their joy both on film and through photographs. Visitors may peruse a lengthy list of tips and tricks for smitten duos, drawn from the company’s 175 years of experience.

"Tiffany has long been a major presence at engagements and weddings, and now we've built that presence online with love stories and a whole world of romantic possibilities," Caroline Naggiar, CEO of Tiffany & Co., said in a statement.

The site kicks off with an exclusive short movie by noted actor and filmmaker Edward Burns, titled “Will You Marry Me?” With the Big Apple as a stately backdrop, various partners reveal on film their experiences with romance, detailing the surprises, excitement and humor found in love’s adventures. As the couples share their anecdotes, the film presents the jewelry, photographs and love letters that chronicle their journey.

Since Tiffany produced the film, the love stories, of course, center on a diamond engagement ring. Loving twosomes recall delightful and poignant moments in their relationship, whether a nervous groom browsing for engagement rings with his elated bride-to-be or a couple falling head over heels in love in the City of Lights.

The path to wedded bliss, however, is not without stumbling blocks. To smooth the way, Tiffany presents in the section Art of Romance "Tiffany Tips: When Love Gets Serious,” a series of humorously written tips for couples, on topics ranging from the art of compromise to how to keep the magic in a relationship alive.

For visitors searching for that perfect track for their romance, the site’s music section boasts recommendations for classic and inspiring love songs, plus exclusively showcases Josh Radin’s version of the classic hit, “You're the First, the Last, My Everything.” Songs are now available for purchase through iTunes, with other new pieces to be made available throughout the year. Movie buffs can check out Tiffany’s list of romantic tearjerkers, including both classics such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and more modern films such as “You’ve Got Mail.”

Visitors can also make their own mark on the site. Through the “Love is Everywhere” map, users can pinpoint a location using a heart, then leave a note telling their own story or suggesting a favorite romantic venue for besotted partners.

Check out the site at New content is constantly being added.

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Purple Neon/LadyLUX via Tiffany & Co.

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