Toshiba To Transform Driving?

Can you imagine changing the radio or adjusting the temp with just your face? Well LUXies, that is what Toshiba is aiming to create with their in-car facial recognition technology that will help eliminate you ever having to take your eyes of the road!

Offering a ‘hands-free, hassle-free” approach, Toshiba’s goal is to influence the safety and future of our transportation. It utilizes a built in camera that helps to track your eye movements and facial expressions. Then, the system uses sophisticated algorithms to decode the facial information to help calculate what you are indeed wanting. So far this type of Toshiba technology has not been utilized in automobiles just yet, although it has been implemented in personal laptops and other security systems.

“In addition to operating controls inside the car, the facial recognition system can be used to estimate driver status like drowsiness and distraction,” he told “By sensing which way the driver is gazing, the system has the ability to collaborate with advanced driver assistance systems and human-machine interface programs that alert the driver when something has gone wrong.” –via

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are over 71,000 accidents that happen due to sleepy drivers and this system could help alleviate this safety concern!! Using innovation to save lives, what could be more LUX?

LUX Nation, we want to know your opinion! Is this technology something you would want in your LUX-mobile?

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