Indulge: Travel to Belize for a “Smaller World Sustainable Chocolate Tour”

Calling all chocolate lovers!! It’s time to give in and feed your indulgences! You now have a reason to support fair trade chocolate and take a vacation!! What could be better then supporting the organic and sustainable harvest of our favorite piece of sweetness?!?

Take an eco-journey to Belize that encompasses the history, ecology and culture of chocolate. You heard right LUX Nation—the Culture of Chocolate! YUM! You have the opportunity to take an active role in the cacao production process by following the seed to actual chocolate!! This trip offers you the opportunity to support fair trade chocolate, the environment and to give back. Ah—this trip has just been LUXified!

Activities will include touring family farms, planting trees and building wood-conserving stoves that greatly reduce toxic smoke in the home and can be used to roast cacao as well as cook family meals. In addition to taking part in Sustainable Harvest International projects on family farms, there will be opportunities to tour Mayan ruin sites, visit jungle waterfalls and take part in cultural events. –via

The ‘Sustainable Harvest Chocolate Tour' is available for $2,500, which includes a $500 donation to the local program. The fee also includes ‘all in-country travel expenses, meals, double occupancy accommodations at Cotton Tree Lodge, sight-seeing tours, translation, staff support and materials.’ There are about 3-4 trips scheduled a year, for more information visit SHI Tour Calendar.

Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) sponsors these eco-tours as a way to help Central American farmers to promote sustainable practices and sustain the ecosystem for future generations since 1997! Their tours include Panama, Belize and Nicaragua.

You might be asking why sustainable cacao agriculture even matters? Well LUXies, the opposite of sustainable practices includes a detrimental practice of ‘slash and burn farming.’ This gives way to deforestation and threatens many species of plants and animals, including additional harm to our already fragile ecosystem. SHI aims at educating these farmers and the public to help sustain our forests and the help of our planet!!

These eco-tours not only contribute to the betterment of our planet, but it also allows you the opportunity to be a part of the difference!! So give back to our environment and indulge yourself LUX Nation! wink
And the next time you go to purchase ‘your favorite sweets’ make sure it is fair trade! Choose to support the health of our planet, regardless if you choose to pack your bags!!


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