Trend Alert:  Beauty Routine that Enhances Your Mood

LUX Nation, can you imagine a beauty routine that actually helped elevate your mood and expand your positive outlook on life?

Well, it seems we can start to expect the development of beauty products that are designed to do just!

With the combination of technology, science and beauty, the creation of products that go beyond physical repair will be the new trend according to the 2010 Global Beauty Trend report published by Mintel.

The development of these products goes beyond you simply looking better or correcting any inherited skin conditions and actually seeks to combine scientific advancements to positively affect your emotional state. Utilizing chemical combinations to influence the neurotransmitters in your brain that help to influence mood and your well-being is the feature of beauty products.

One of the first products that uses this new formula of ‘neurocosmetics’ is Linda Papadopoulos Psy Derma Enlightenment Day Moisturizing Treatment. It utilizes an ingredient called ‘Idebenone’ that’s purpose is to increase the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine to help reduce the feeling of stress and increase well-being.

For some, these new advancements are simply the next evolution in our beauty care routines, though some might question the impact of long term effects on these suggested scientifically advanced products.

What do you think LUX Nation? Would you be interested in products that could help enhance your positive mood, simply using a particular moisturizer or foundation? Would this new technologically advanced system entice you to purchase the products, or deter you from them?

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