US Ocean Protection Plan Requested by President Obama

LUX Nation, there might be hope that governmental policy could help preserve our oceans very soon!!

A presidential memorandum has just been issued to address the need to implement a strategy to protect our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes within the next 3 months.

The Memorandum will establish an interagency task force that is to recommend within 90 days:
1. A national ocean, coastal and Great Lakes policy that, among other things, protects and maintains these important ecosystems.
2. A structural framework for coordinated implementation of the policy.

-Via Sarah Chasis, Senior Attorney and Director, Ocean Initiative, National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

This call for action is exactly what is needed to preserve our coasts, oceans and Great Lakes for future LUX generations!!

Currently, it’s not the lack of policy that is most crucial, but the coordinated effort and implementation that is mandatory. As it stands there are currently ‘over 140 laws and 20 different agencies’ governing the ocean and there’s no sense of congruency or uniform effort that is necessary for effectiveness! This call for action is the step in the right direction for a collaborative effort to be established under one unified policy and strategy. This is what we call a possible LUX-ified solution both for the oceans and for the future of our planet!!

Although, we’ll have to see what comes out of this memorandum in the next 90-days—until then, it is definitely a leap forward in the right direction!! smile


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