Get Your Yoga on at Oahu Wanderlust Festival

At Wanderlust festival, they really know how to kick it up in style. The one-of-a-kind celebration, running from now until March 3, is a hubbub of all things fun under the sun. At this unique extravaganza, held in Oahu, Hawaii, try gulping down some cocktails by the pool, taking a hike on sun-soaked trails or enjoying some early morning yoga surrounded by vistas of breathtaking mountain peaks. With opportunities such as standup paddleboard yoga, surfing instruction, and a class on igniting your inner strength, there is truly something for all, whether you’re the bohemian free-spirit type or more straight-laced.

Bringing together internationally renowned yoga instructors, captivating speakers, leading musical ensembles, top chefs and more, Wanderlust does its best to live up to its mission of “creating community around mindful living.” Its core principles include practicing yoga to clear the mind and get in touch with your spirituality, eating well by promoting local, organic and sustainably grown produce, being green through sustainable activities such as recycling and using renewable energy, and showcasing art and other forms of creative expression.

At Wanderlust, you can roll out of bed in your mountainside condo and unite with dozens of other attendees for a refreshing mourning hike after leaving the kids at the Wanderkind children’s program. Then check out some beautiful handcrafted goodies in the vendor village, scarf down an organic snack from the local food vendors and try some outdoor yoga. Next on the list could be a luxurious meal at an on-site restaurant or an absorbing lecture at the Speakeasy spot. Then rock it with some live music, hit a local river for an afternoon kayak and take a ride up the mountain on the free cable car. Wind down the evening with an organic wine, cruise the eclectic art installations and dance the night away under the stars.

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